It was the first time I received a letter in my mailbox. It was a delight!


Have you ever received happiness in a letter?
I heard it is scarce... happiness...

If you want I'll propose something
If you want, me, Tily,
I'll post the happiness from wherever I will be!!!
Pictures of places I see, with a note, do you want?

To receive a postcard from each country,
thank you register before December 1, 2011.
I could not be responsible for no receipt of a postcard actually sent and
no refund will be made for any claim.

I call very high, very strong !!
So listen carefully!

Call for translators
We are looking for people who could translate the content of the Website (French / English).

Call for artists
You are affected and/or interested by my project : you are a musician, designer, photographer, videographer, ... why not create together?

Call for information and contacts
You have contacts, cheap, ... in countries where Tily will go ; you can help Tily organize her trip!

For a donation, you could send a check payable to Amandine Perret at the following address :

Amandine Perret
13 rue Jean-Antoine Guignard
03400 YZEURE