Who am I? Where am I going? How much does it cost? Hummm hummm… Would you like to know me?

Who am I ???

You don’t guess ? ... A clue... to give me…
Who am I... me?
I would like to know...
I'll tell you what I've discovered through the survey:

Tily ClownE
First name : Tily
Last name : ClownE
Age : Unknown
Occupation : Professional, I'm sure!
Education : Self-taught
Languages : You understand, do you? So the same as you.
Sports : ?
Interests : Being with you.
Stays abroad : It is my first time to travel, it's exciting !!!!!

Wait! It's not over!
Guess what! I have a teammate!

She helps me to prepare the journey.
Let me introduce you:

Amandine Perret
First name : Amandine
Last name : Perret
Age : 25 years
Occupation : Writer / Director of a theater’s company / Actress
Education : Training of the actor (Florent Course, International Workshop, Studio Alain De Bock) License Performing Arts at the Sorbonne Nouvelle
Languages : English : intermediate, Spanish : school, Japanese : notions
Sports : Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, dance, swimming, hiking
Interests : Drawing, singing, photography, literature, cooking
Stays abroad : Spain, Greece, Belgium, Japan, Australia, Reunion Island, Madagascar

which way to go?

Wahouuuuuuu ! All the world! Here I am !
You are not aware but I’ve already full of clues to find My Love! I’m too smart! Lol!

Look the beautiful map!
That's all around where I am going to search!


A toothbrush pink like candy: it is priceless. A sarcophagus sleeping bag for mummy: very expensive because probably very old !

Les dépenses

Les recettes

My travel around the world from November 14, 2011 to October 1, 2012